Monday, June 6, 2011


Took a 3 day trip up into new england to shred. 9 man crew and meeting other homies on the way. non stop awesome.

Skated middlefield park first. It was slippery.

Lets get some fuckin' coffee dude

Only photo of the second park, Blatic CT.

Went to one other park after baltic that i didnt document at all.

The Greek Hooker

Hingham Mass.

The C bowl. Most definetly a hightlight.

Joe Virus was around and heavy on the photo game. He'll update soon with some cleaver pun as the title of the post.

Had a gnarly grill sesh. Will Nagle fed like 11 of us fuckin douchebags. He drove a lot of the time too, thanks will.

My digi cam ran out of battery at this point which sucked. But theres more to come from the shit tour.

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