Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boston Pictures: from the face of joe

5 parks. 2 days.

Took a two day trip to some Connecticut Parks with Dickbags associates Cus, and Dillon.

Cus was at the helm the entire time and tour guide and brought the tent. MVP for sure

Waterford. This place is fun.

GROTON. My favorite of the trip..and possibly all time. This place is gnarly and rugged, it feels like a DIY park and I like that

Westerly. Another fun and different kind of park, We were all pretty tired by this point, but it was still a fun session.

We grilled at westerly too.

And slept there

Baltic. It was wet when we got here but I did some puddle spreading and made it dry up relatively fast, had a great sesh here. Chillin in the river its next to before and after session. After this we went to Bristol skate plaza but it was full of bikes and scooters.

The digi cam clips:

And bonus clip of Stimulus boys skating pretty much the same parks, but doing gnarlier shit

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another day at the office

Met up with king rasta Steve Torrado.

Then steve broke joes one day old flash at this spot.

We ate pizza then went to a spot I've driven by many a time

Photo stance

Ended the day here.

Johns razor tail post sesh. Ouch

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trailers, hydrants, barriers

Didn't start to skate till 6 today, but that's ok.

Met up with some Shindig homies at a school in Newark. Here's Sean Andy and Joe getting the shred out

Sean and Joe got a really sick photo here. Check it out on Joes Blog....Insane pyrotechnics!


Well this thing was fun

Sean Coates gettin down at some classic jersey barriers

Another sweet section.

Here's Steve Torrado doing a tailslide there last summer. Footage can be found in Dude Where's my Gnar montage

BOSTON part 2

The dickbags made their way to Boston again this weekend, and damn was it a great time. Thanks Gavin for giving us a place to stay.

Tony offered to sit bitch the whole way up, in his own car. What a guy.

We arrive and Tony baca is immediately intrigued. Paulie got a sweet clip here as well.


Found a ledge into a bank

This spot was so fun. Mark making it possible by drying off the ledge with his shirt.

Paulie helping by using his ass

Up rails on main roads.

Sleeping arrangments

The next morning we met this little guy. He was super stoked on our donut treats until he made an unannounced exit when this pimp ass woman asked us for change.

Scordo donated to the cause.

Went around the corner to this downhill ledge. Such a great hill bomb after.


Met up with these Boston dickbags about mid day. Herby and Andrew


Joes nipple was sticky. In case you were wondering.

By some miracle this fountain was drained mid summer. We took advantage.

Another nugget. Ended our skating here as the sun set.

Next day we started off with some donuts and iced coffee. About to skate amazing basketball court ledges.


putting off leaving.

Tonys disgusting hand. Stop biting your self dude

Ended the trip the best way possible. At the cracker!