Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whoa a new post!? Don't get your hopes up, i got no content. If you're reading this i would like to thank you for checking this now hopeless blog still after months of sparse and then no updates. Anyway Im really fucked now since my digi is broken. Besides Blogger is the worst, you ever try and make an update on it? Uploads backwards, cant arrange photos easily, its a mess. a god damn mess. Hated it since day one really. Ive switch over to tumblr, catchinair, johns got one too...burntloafz.

Oh yeah, we actually have stuff to post from a boston trip months ago, joes post below is the same trip. Getting marks digi clips is proving to take some time...one day it will see the light of day. We'll take another trip soon enough maybe make it two bostons trips amount of footie! Now thats exciting. Are you excited for it? Until then dont expect any posts unless you want to give me a digi cam. There's hope left in joe scordo though. Its on your shoulders now joe, dont let me down.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boston Belated

A little late on the postings. Been having too much of a real life good time to be boogying on the internet.

up to the top...


...all the way down to the bottom

This is probably the best picture i've ever taken. I was completely confused when i saw it for the first time. I feel like this is peeking into paulie's mind.

Monday, July 25, 2011

boston again

Took another weekender up to Boston, and like always it was awesome. Didnt take many pics because, I dont know really, just seem to always forget. Anwyay....

Last spot we skated actually, so ill post it first.

Gnarly grassrides

Found some creep in the bushes.

We found another thin ride challenge.

Went to the navy yard to skate I suppose, but we all suck at ledges and it was filled with water. And we were pretty tired by this point so we opted for this shit.

eventually we made some little friends

Steve takin' the water fight to new levels

Filmed a decent amount via mine and marks digi cams. Footage relatively soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shit Tour MF pt 4

Not much in the way of medium format, but why not!

Made Nick do this for a photo. Then timed it like shit. IN HIS FACE!

More modeling samles.

Shredding Baltic.

What a moment they had on top of there.

Shit Tour b&w pt.3

Nick, Sarge. classic incident

Ryan, singing the itsy bitsy spider in a metal voice. Can't make this stuff up.

2nd night of camping. What a crew

Sarge's ass. mmmmm

10 minute morning lake sesh before we got kicked out of the camp site.

Sargent in one of my favorite places on the trip, Westerly.

Coffee dude

Nages drove 95% of the way, Stim held it down on a very important occasion


Pissin in a jug, too bad this wasnt color, would've had a real punch

Parking lot break

JP had shotgun on lock the entire time, for the last 500 feet of the trip I stole it.

Last photo I took on the trip.