Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dick Cock

found this guy in our hotel room, he was being strange the whole time.

A wild Immediato, found in his natural habitat.

trippy bbrrrroooo

Rozbo's toe landed this awesome.

relentless towel whipper snapper.

basically a portrait of john. his ass and his middle finger.

I took a stroll to 7-11 by myself

This guy was begging to take a photo with me, what could i say?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wash DC

I made a little collage last night out of a free tour guide pamphlet.


John soaked joe by stepping on a full water bottle and shooting the cap off.. This was funny as hell.

made a detour to Princeton park


Some other park we hit up, pretty dumb design. It had a pretty fun bowl.

these flat bar planter things are everywhere.

this spot fucked rozbo up.

we stopped in baltimore on way home, only thing i took a photo of.

Some random girls that we were talking to in traffic, they were pretty cool. Only reason i took a photo is because they took one almost immediately for whatever reason. We didn't get their names or anything, They lived in Vermont, maybe that's why we didn't bother. We were busy throwing shit from our car to theirs and vice versa, this was either really annoying or really funny for the cars behind us.

I would never rock this shirt but god damn its the truth.

John had gnarly allergies, poor guy.