Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Queen of queens

We met him(her?)

We started at Astoria which was full of little kids skooters and rollerbladers. Skatepark crowds are the worst, it was still fun.

His (her?) dogs name was chocha. wearing high heels and that's a parrot i think on kyles head. Quiet a spectacle.

Had to get a picture of this dickbag (in the bad sense). Look at this guys kit, I don't even see 14 year olds lookin this dumb.

Awesome DIY spot we found by mistake

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Took a weekender to Boston. And it was damn fun.


Honorary dickbags

Gnarly rock sesh.

This was no big deal

double bank gave marks hand some love

Perfect hillbomb.

The thin ride challenge

Mini tables from outta nowhere.

killin it.

that's a fuckin reuben.

more to come.