Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whoa a new post!? Don't get your hopes up, i got no content. If you're reading this i would like to thank you for checking this now hopeless blog still after months of sparse and then no updates. Anyway Im really fucked now since my digi is broken. Besides Blogger is the worst, you ever try and make an update on it? Uploads backwards, cant arrange photos easily, its a mess. a god damn mess. Hated it since day one really. Ive switch over to tumblr, catchinair, johns got one too...burntloafz.

Oh yeah, we actually have stuff to post from a boston trip months ago, joes post below is the same trip. Getting marks digi clips is proving to take some time...one day it will see the light of day. We'll take another trip soon enough maybe make it two bostons trips amount of footie! Now thats exciting. Are you excited for it? Until then dont expect any posts unless you want to give me a digi cam. There's hope left in joe scordo though. Its on your shoulders now joe, dont let me down.